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Hellion Club Review
Ann Boleyn

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Paladino's ,Tarzana
[This page is a direct quote from The Music Connection, Issue/Vol. 25]
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The Players:

Ann Boleyn - Vocals

Chris Kessler - Lead Guitar

Mike Guerrero, Guitar (Tokyo - Paladino's Tour)

Eric Becica, Bass (Tokyo - Paladino's Tour)

Vince Rage, Drums (Tokyo - Paladino's Tour)


This double-bass, two-fisted, hard rockin’ metal mama is a throwback
to the days when rock was gritty and more than a little

Playing a form of new metal edged with hard rock, Boleyn’s songs
are the perfect vehicle for her phenomenal voice. This former lead singer of
Hellion twists the heavy metal genre into a new style that borders
on Stevie Nicks gone bad. Like some she-devil, she mesmerizes and bewitches
you into her private hell.


The hard driving outfit of Boleyn’s band plays really loud and awfully
tight. Drummer Vince Rage is outrageous, Kessler is a smooth guitar virtuoso
and "The Tapping Ninja" Guerrero is a speed demon who, although
impressive, dates the material. His leads tend to pull the songs into
the past rather than propel them into the future. On the other
hand, Boleyn is a force of nature with powerful vocals that oscillate nerve
endings and shatter pretenses. She has a voice that out-screams Pat
Benatar and could be classified as a power chord in and of


With her tough sexuality and wild demeanor, Boleyn is a seductress of
the first degree. Her long braided locks fly as she pumps the air
with her fist and raises her leg onto a monitor, drawing the
crowd in. Her intensity is electrified as she leans over and beckons
them closer.


This is rock the way it used to be. Not so much
in sound, but rather in attitude and energy. Metal has gone through
many changes over the years and it’s experiencing another one with Ann
Boleyn. In a male-dominated genre, she more than holds her own
–– she whips it into shape. Any headbanger who thinks chick rock is
soft should check this act out –– they’re as hard as they get.

––Bernard Baur, Music Connection